We make every effort to bring you the safest and most effective pest control treatment.


We are a family owned and operated pest control company. We work hard to earn the respect of others, by giving friendly, quality and affordable services. We care about our community and how we are represented in it.



Behm's Pest Control is a family owned and operated company, serving Illinois since 2002. We are licensed and fully insured with over 30 years of experience in pest control. We are state certified to carry out residential and commercial applications so you can trust our knowledge and expertise. At Behm's Pest Control, we make every effort to bring you the safest and most effective pest control treatment. That’s why we are constantly upgrading our knowledge and techniques to keep ourselves up to date with the latest pest control methods.

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To help keep the stink bugs and other insects from entering your house in the fall be sure to seal voids around doors, windows and roof vents and place screening over attic vents, etc... If you use window or wall air conditioners, covering or removing them in the fall will help prevent stink bugs and other insects from entering.


Don't store wood against or near house (or any building). Use rock in landscape instead of mulch. Get your home inspected by a professional at least once a year for termites.

Client Testimonials

"I've been selling real estate for over 8 years and have used several Pest inspection companies. Ever since I started using Behm's Pest for my clients, I have yet to be disappointed with their service!  They are not only thorough with inspections, they are prompt and do a great job of communication. They do not pester or hound my clients for upgraded services but use a tasteful approach when marketing their products and renewals!  I will continue using Mike and his Team for all my pest related needs!  Feel free to contact me direct for an endorsement!"

- Joe DePauw

"Behm's Pest Control is the best in Central IL. I have been one of the top Realtors in my market for almost 20 years I rely on a professional to do a thorough job while inspecting my clients future home for termites.  They are friendly, honest and have serviced many of my customers AFTER the sale from everything from mice to spiders and other pests.  I highly recommend their services TO ANYONE! Thanks for all you do!"

- Jennifer Bradshaw

We live in an older home in an area with lots of trees. For quite some time we continued to have problems with pesty visitors from the nearby woods. We've used other pest control services but since hiring Behm's Pest Control our pest problem has been eliminated. Behm's arrive on schedule, they are efficient, they are knowledgeable and they are thorough. Since they are a family owned business, we observe that they take a personal interest in their work from office calls, to follow up to the spraying application. We also have peace of mind to know that they are using safe chemicals in our home. As a result we recently offered them the contract to do our commercial building. We are very satisfied customers.

- Steve and Marilyn Kohn

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