Termite Inspections

At Behm’s Pest Control, we provide termite inspections for a variety of real estate transactions including:

  • cash transactions
  • conventional loans
  • FHA, VA or refinancing loans. 

All loan required termite inspections are written upon the State approved “Wood Destroying Insect Inspection Report”.

We also provide termite inspections for those not going through a real estate transaction.
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the dangers of termite infestationTermites are considered the “silent destroyer” as they do billions of dollars of damage to homes every year. Every home is susceptible to termites.  Protecting your home is as important to us as it is to you. We won’t just check your home for termites, we’ll recommend precautions to avoid termites and educate you about treatment plans to protect your home.


Do I have Termites or Ants? Determining the pest

  • Winged ants have two pairs of wings with the front pair larger than the hind pair; both pairs of termite wings are the same shape and size.

  • Ants have elbowed antennae; termites have short, straight beaded antennae.

  • Ants have a distinct constriction between body regions; termites have a gradual constriction.

  • Don’t be fooled by color or size: ants and termites can vary both in size and color based on species.


What are the warning signs of an infestation in my home?


example of a termiteYou can look for the following:

  • Termites “swarming” during the day or early evening, often after rainfall

  • Termite evidence in or around windows and door frames

  • Shelter  tubes appearing on or around the foundation

  • Baseboards and floors which may sound hollow

  • Dead termite shells or wings on window sills or along walls


The best way to determine the presence of termites in your home is with a thorough home inspection from a pest management professional. 
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