We know how difficult it can be to eliminate and control pests in the home. We're bringing professional extermination to your neighborhood.

That is why we are so passionate about serving our customers and delivering them the best professional service so they can be at ease when enjoying their home. We started our certified pest control company in 2002 in Pekin IL. We took money out of our 401K, bought a truck, a rig, and chemical and office supplies. We both had full-time jobs at the time and we did pest control together part-time out of our house every evening and weekend. Before we knew it, our small business had grown enough for both of us to quit our full-time jobs and focus on our business full-time. 


certified exterminators

Professional General Pest Control

We moved our small business from our house to a commercial building and gradually added more trucks and staff as we continued to grow. Our children have grown up in the professional pest control business, and over the years they began to help with our service. Now, two of our three sons work full-time with us.

We are truly a Family Owned and Operated Business serving all of the greater Peoria area along with Bloomington IL.

Owner/ State Certified Technician

Owner/ State Certified Technician/ Office staff
Lic# 052-090612

State Certified Technician
Lic # 052-090611

State Certified Technician
Lic # 052-092056

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