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Behm's Pest Control offers smart solutions to pest problems, offering effective exterminator services that not only get rid of the pesky creatures around your property but also prevent them from coming back year after year. Oftentimes, pests enter your property at no fault to your own. 


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Many pest problems tend to recur with improper handling. When it comes to pest control, Behm's takes a systematic approach to ensure that all areas are covered, all pests are exterminated, and your premises remain hygienic and sanitary. We don't treat isolated areas but take a holistic approach to care for your home.


Failing to hire a professional means that a deeper problem may go undetected at your property. Don't wait – Call Today!

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Fed Up With Pests?

Controlling pests may be an obvious thing to do, but many of us are unaware of the real damage that these animals bring to our homes and health. Consequently, we tend not to take serious action until a pest issue grows or gets out of hand. Unknowingly, we might already be allowing pests to reproduce and wreak havoc on our lives.


Whatever the situation, let our team visit and get a plan set up for you. Our professional extermination services have a variety of benefits.

This brief guide will help you identify for yourself the issues at your residence, and give you the most simple ways to prevent further issues once treated professionally.

Improved Health

Perhaps the primary reason for pest control involves the serious diseases that pests bring. At the least, pests such as bed bugs, ants, and bees sting and bite, causing skin irritation or swelling. In the worst cases, pests such as rodents, cockroaches, flies, and other disease-carrying pests may transmit bacteria and viruses to humans and pets.


Structural Safety

As pests find a place in your home to nest, they identify the most inconspicuous places to live because they want to be near their food source. They bore holes in your walls, build nests behind drywall or above the ceiling, and feed on wood or gnaw through electrical wiring. In the process, these structural elements become damaged, and the safety of your home or building could be compromised.


Production & Resources

In a business place, pests may halt operations, damage resources, and make your clientele uneasy. Even in a home, pests such as ants, rodents, and cockroaches may get to your food supply, not only consuming them but also leaving their wastes, which can spread illness. In industrial applications, pests can ruin an entire batch of output, similar to how they can destroy crops in agricultural storage facilities or fields.


Why Hire a Professional Exterminator?

 Voted Best Pest Control Company by the Peoria JournalStarWhile there are a number of commercially available pest control products in the market, having a professional exterminator handle your pest problem ensures that you will find the source of the problem, instead of treating smaller symptoms yourself.


There are many benefits of hiring a pest control professional, including their knowledge in assessing your property's conditions with the least invasive strategy. See why we were voted one of Peoria's People's Choice finalists in 2017.

What we offer


Ensure Safety

This is the most important reason for hiring a professional to perform pest control. There are risks involved in attempting to kill pests on your own. For example, attempting to resolve a major bee, ant, or rodent problem can result in injury. Exterminators have the knowledge and equipment to eliminate these pests without causing injury to humans and other household animals. Furthermore, the improper use of chemicals can be hazardous to the health of the occupants. By contrast, a professional is qualified to handle such dangerous materials.


Locating the Source

You usually spray insect repellant or leave rat poison where you see the pests. However, you may miss applying treatment to their nests or where they reproduce. Professionals, on the other hand, can maximize the impact of a treatment method by identifying the source of the infestation and eliminating the pests from there. Professional exterminators can determine the cause of the problem, locate the source, and terminate the pests to prevent future infestations.



The cost of hiring a professional company for pest control can be significantly lower than the expenses of repairing damages caused by pests when they go unnoticed. For example, DIY remedies can be a cheaper alternative to paying an expert to kill termites, but not hiring a professional means that a deeper problem may go undetected, and damage to your home may worsen, which can lead to increased expenses. 


Our Targets

Behm's Pest Control targets all kinds of pests, including these common ones.

Extermination Services for Ants, Cockroaches, Termites, and More


Ants may be portrayed as quiet insects, living in colonies in backyards. They may be harmless in the ground or trees in an empty lot or in the park, as the worst thing that they can do there is march to your picnic basket to carry away some crumbs. However, it's a different story when they start invading your homes.


When ants enter your homes in search of food and water, usually sweets, flour, starch, or grease, they can become an inconvenience. They are also known for carrying diseases such as Salmonellosis and Staphylococcus.


This pervasive pest is another common invader, as central Illinois is located on swampy ground. Your house has numerous sites that are perfect for nesting and abundant food and water for these pests to survive. They are disgusting creatures because they enter through small cracks and crevices, including drains, sewers, vents, and other dirty places.


Therefore, it is obvious that these pests carry bacteria and other disease-causing germs, which are exacerbated when they get to your food supply. An issue with these creatures is that they are nocturnal, which means that detecting a cockroach infestation may be difficult.



The worst thing about rats is that they are known to carry dozens of different diseases that can spread to humans through bite wounds, feces-contaminated food, water, or other germs. In addition, they damage almost everything - from your clothes, furniture, electrical wiring, plastic containers, wood, and more.



Your home may be threatened by several types of termites. The worst thing about these insects is that they can go undetected until significant damage has already been done. There are varieties of termites that feed on both damp and dry wood, causing damage to any wooden part of your home.

Termite Control


Thus, treating requires a unique treatment approach, and an exterminator should be called if you suspect that termites have infested your home to prevent further damage.

Termite Inspections


Preventing Further Pest Infestations

Exterminator services may be required to rid a home or building of pests and prevent them from returning, but there are many ways to avoid the infestation of pests. As with anything, prevention is always better than treatment, so here are some ways that you can keep pests off your home.


  1. First, keep food sources out of reach. Store food in airtight containers. Not only food but also trash should be kept in a container with a tight lid. A better approach would be to take out the trash every night to prevent pests from scavenging for leftover foodstuffs.
  2. Second, perform a regular inspection of your home or building for any cracks or holes in the walls, floors, or ceiling. Seal any as soon as possible to prevent pests from entering.
  3. Third, remove any standing water from your premises, whether puddles resulting from leaky pipes or faucets, rain puddles, or air conditioning discharge. In addition to water consumed by animals, it can be a breeding ground for some pests such as mosquitoes.
  4. Fourth, keeping a home clutter free can prevent pests from nesting, as these animals prefer dark areas. The more clutter you have, the higher probability of pest infestation as they have more hiding places to live in.
  5. Lastly, clean your home and vacuum your carpets regularly to drive away existing bugs and rodents or their eggs. A clean place is proven to have fewer chances of infestation than a filthy one.


What we can eliminate

Having a professional exterminator handle your pest problem ensures that you will find the source of the problem, instead of treating the symptoms yourself.

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For reliable exterminator services, turn to Behm's Pest Control. We serve homes, business establishments, and industrial locations. Our methods and equipment are trusted by many to control pests and prevent them from returning.


For over 20 years, we have been keeping homes and businesses around Central Illinois bug and rodent-free. Our state-of-the-art process and equipment ensure a quality job that prevents pests from coming back. Get in touch with us today for quality exterminator services.


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